Land and water

Consultancy and engineering in geomatics and earth observation

Land and water

Land management

A Land Information System (LIS) is a management tool for legal, administrative and economic decision making, as well as an aid for planning and development. This involves on the one hand the database containing spatially referenced land related data and on the other hand the procedures and techniques for systematic collection, updating, processing and distribution of the data to the end users in an efficient manner. The base of a land information system is a unique and uniform referencing of land which enables linking the different types of data within the system and with land related datasets.

Our team aims at helping governments and the donor community to improve land management throughout the following activities:

  • Analysis and definition of requirements
  • Design and specifications of Land Information Systems (LIS)
  • Land Parcel Identification Systems (LPIS)
  • Land use mapping
  • Parcel Boundaries Delineation from Remotely Sensed imagery

Water management

Water is a crucial commodity for the survival of humanity. It is available in sufficient amount, both from the surface and groundwater sources, but unfortunately its distribution in time and space is greatly uneven. Therefore, management practices and techniques for exploitation and conservation of water should be carried out using the dynamic and spatial form of information. Remote Sensing and GIS are extensively used in water resources management.

Our team offers services related to the following areas:

  • Drought assessment
  • Flood mapping and monitoring
  • Irrigated areas mapping
  • Coastal zone monitoring


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