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Agriculture plays a significant role in almost every nation, whether it represents simply subsistence for developing countries or a full grown trading industry for economically strong countries. However, due to the rapid growth of population, urbanization and decrease of agricultural land, the pressure on agricultural production systems is continuously increasing. While food-security is becoming a global issue, improved management of the world’s agricultural resources and more effective food-production are therefore one of today’s main challenges.

Cutting edge information technologies, such as Remote Sensing, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) applications, offer tremendous potential to face these issues and provide innovative ways to better manage agriculture and its related functions. Geospatial technologies and the use of satellite imagery in particular have the unique capability to provide comprehensive, reliable and timely information on quality and quantity at local, regional, national and global level.

Agriculture is GE-Data’s main sector of activity, with an acclaimed track record in geospatial projects related to agriculture. Besides consultancy to decision and policy makers, our main domains of expertise are:

  • Mapping of land use, crops and their spatial distribution
  • Acreage estimation using Area Frame Sampling (AFS) and Remote Sensing techniques
  • Crop growth monitoring and yield estimation
  • Crop health monitoring
  • Change detection
  • Environmental impact assessment, mapping and analysis
  • Irrigated land mapping
  • Crop damage and land degradation assessment studies

We have particular experience with the following crop types: wheat, barley, corn, soybean, sunflower, rapeseed, peanuts, pulses, sugar cane, sugar beet, cotton, rice, tobacco, coffee, tea, cocoa, pineapple, mango trees, date palm, oil palm, orange, clementine, lemon, vineyards, arabic gum, shea tree, cashew nuts trees, coca.


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